Holy Shit! My friend was dead during the trip.

I was panic and paranoid when I heard Ann , my host in Fox glacier , talked to police. Damn it! It must be about our working in exchange of food and accommodation. They must come to catch us as we hold travel visa.

That day I tried to keep myself as a low profile , stayed just in my room and locked myself from the outsider. Why don’t they do this to Western tourists who did the same as we did. The world is not fair for the third world traveler , I thought.

Ann told Wesley(Another helper who travel like me) and his friend to get a called from the police.

Shit!!!…They must come for us.

After Wesley finished his conversation. I couldn’t stop my curious. So I went to ask him what happened. I was relieved that it was not that police would come to catch us. But the stress still remain as Wesley told me that the police called him to ask about his friend who was lost in Franz Josef glacier- about 15 minutes drive from here. His female friend went with a group of 4 people , two of them were lost and still not be found.


The day after , we got the confirmation from the police. They found the two dead female bodies , one was a Taiwanese girl and another one was a female from Malaysian-their friend.

Holy Shit!!! What would I say? Nothing….She is not my friend but I could feel the gloomy atmosphere covered our living room.

What would you do if your friend die during the trip?


I couldn’t do anything to make them feel better. The only thing that I could help was that I could drive my car and brought them to the Franz Josef glacier where they would meet their dead friend’s family.

I got a lesson from this case and want to share it with you all. In this situation , there were a group of four Asian people who went for a nice walk in Franz Josef glacier’s track.


Franz Josef glacier looks very friendly. You could just park the car then walk about 30 minutes to the stating of the glacier.

But there are many tracks. Some tracks take about 5 hours for just a one way walk. This group took a walk and found out that it was a bit late to go back. So they did a short cut on the river which water was very cold. Two of them were fine but another two were swept away by a river and were on the breaking news.

This stream looks like it is nothing. But be careful when you saw a nice calm water like this. It might be a cataract.


I always keep this story in my mind. When I went in a wild like in Arthur’s pass and some other places in New Zealand. Some tracks were risky to continue. So I took a risk as much as I think it is my limit.

Don’t be too greedy for the beauty of today. Save yourself to see the beauty of tomorrow!



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