Pink beach(Henderson Bay) in New Zealand.

The legendary “pink beach” my host wouldn’t stop talking about. It definitely does lived up to its name. It’s the first pink beach I’ve ever seen. The coloration originated from the mixture minerals in the area combined with reflection of sunlight. The direction to this beach is quite simple as well. It is very close to the main street 1F on the right side. There will be a brown sign indicating the entrance.


The remarkable thing about this beach is that it’s not in the guidebook so it is definitely an honor to have paid a visit here.

Unfortunately, without a private car it is quite impossible to come here. Even the seaside beach tours only travel in westward direction while this is located on the east side. Thus, there are only a handful of tourists and local surfers to be seen. So, it is quite private and highly recommended for those who seeks peaceful scenery.

Rarawa Beach
From Henderson Bay entrance, take a turn onto 1F street. In less than 500 metres, there will be a sign pointed to the entrance of Rarawa Beach.

This beach is very close by to Henderson, but it is very different because of the sand. In fact, it’s one of the whitest beaches I’ve ever seen in New Zealand. It’s quite refreshing to see this type of scenery. The similarities between these two beaches, are there are no public transportations or any other tourist. If you’re a type of person who likes privacy, this is definitely worth checking out.



A walk along the beach is as peaceful and serene as many other beaches, even though it may not be as soft and scrupulous as Thai’s beaches. The stroll on the shore is -as usual in New Zealand-cold; as my foot touched the water and the wind blew on my face, I was so grateful that I brought my jacket. Regardless of the strong shining Sun, I was still sweat-free by the end of the day. It was just that cold.




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