Grilled Thai chicken

Grilled chicken

This is a secret recipe of  Vientian kitchen “Kaiyang( BBQ chicken )” Here are ingredients and methods….



  1. Wash fresh chicken thoroughly, chop into a large piece so it will be easy to ferment.
  2. Grind all the prepared ingredients together.
  3. Mix ingredients and chicken together with the seasoning.
  4. Put in refrigerator for 5-8 hours , so that the seasoning absorb well into chicken meat. If you have not enough time, you can leave it for only 1 hour, however, the taste might not be delicious.
  5. Grill for about 45 minutes and observe if chicken turn yellowish and that skin become crispy.
  6. Serve with Jaew sauce


Jaew sauce for grilled chicken

- 2 tbsp. ground dried chillies

- 3 tbsp. tamarind juice

- 3 tbsp. toasted rice powder

- 4 tbsp. fish sauce

- 1 tbsp. palm sugar

- 1 tbsp. sugar

- 2 tbsp. lime juice

- 1 shredded coriander

- 1 shredded spring onion



  1. Mix palm sugar, sugar and fish sauce together.
  2. Add the rest ingredients and season the flavor as you like. (should be sour, spicy and a bit salty)
  3. Spread the shredded coriander and shredded spring onion.



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