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My name’s Petz Patiyut. I use couchsurfing and other host networks to travel the world. I always cook for hosts when I travel abroad. Unfortunately, when I am in Thailand, I don’t often get the chance to cook . I miss cooking so much!

For those of you who haven’t been to Thailand, you might not know; that to cook in Thailand sometimes cost more than to eat in normal restaurants.


It is weird huh? But it is true.   Read some facts about Thailand before you come.

That is the reason why most Thais don’t cook at all.


So I started a freestyle cooking group in my foreigner friend(Samanthan Eaton )’s kitchen who lives long term in Thailand. Basically, I wish to start this group because I want to cook when I am in Thailand and to cook with people is even better as they say “an experienced shared is an experience doubled!” Here are the details of our group:

What is a freestyle cooking group?


- We are a group of people who love to cook or want to learn how to cook.

- We are not teachers. This is not a cooking class. But we do love to share our cooking experiences. So what we do is to pick one of our members to be a leader to lead and tell us how to cook. If you are a good cook. Maybe after you join our event. You could lead us for the coming event.

- Sometimes we have a special chef who join and leads us or we cook in a restaurant that let us sneak their secret recipes. These cooking style are included in The Freestyle cooking as well.


What would we do?


- We will organize a cooking event once a week. Right now we had separated into two groups to supply our member’s need. Normally Sam would organize the event on Friday under the name “The Bangkok cooking club”. I organize the event on Saturday of the name “Freestyle cooking”.

- My Saturday event is a non profit event. The price ranges between 400-800Baht depends on what cuisine and place we organize.


- I plan to make it as an international cuisine. So we did French ,Thai , Japanese , Italian , and we plan to do Spanish , Chinese , and German as well in the future.

How to join?


You could join us by applying  to be a member of Freestyle cooking member on Then click RSPV. on the event you want to join. Or you could send me an email if you have a special case as


We did the lowest cost of joining as 300Baht for Thai cuisine in Friend’s condominium. And the highest price of joining was a French cuisine in a nice rental kitchen as 600Baht. But I plan to put the cap on maximum price as 800Baht.

What do you have to bring with?


- We organize everything for you so… a matter of fact, you don’t have to bring anything at all just yourselves and the passion or curiosity of cooking.

- Maybe a cook book if you have it.

- Sometime we all have a duty to clean the kitchen and everything we use after we finish cooking. But if we organize it in the restaurant. There are staffs who help us with all that duties.

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  1. Jezryl Tecson Deligencia Yes! It is free.Tomorrow , We would meet at BTS Thonglor exit No. 3 of Thonglor BTS station at 14.00 pm sharp. We only share a cost of ingredients we buy around 100 baht. That's it. Now only 3 spots left. ^_^ Let me know if u wanna join.

  2. OK krub…Please Like our page. So we will keep in touch. I have a plan to do it during weekends but might take about a month to reach that point. We did success well for our first event. We will post the article soon! Cheers!!! ^_^

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