Freestyle cooking event #3 : Our process of learning by doing.

We had a fun night of making an Italian foods. There are five dishes to served 8 people , more than enough right? I did enjoy my first time of making my own pizza very much. It was fun and yum! I am sure we could not get this experience like this in any restaurant. But there are something that was bugged me.


Before we formed the group of Freestyle cooking. I talk with Sam. We agreed that there would be some mistakes on our process of building an effective group of linked mind cooking people. We could not wait until it perfect to start to do it. We just have to make it happened. Then we would learn and fix things that is not right.


Here are what we learn from this time.

- We got confirmed that we would have 11 people in total of our group. But while we were shopping , there are three people who texted me to cancel in our last minutes of shopping. The one who would bring one more friend got an important client that change the schedule to the same time we would cook. Another one who canceled had a late meeting and didn’t want to participate if she came late.


What would we do? We could not do anything as our system was not supported to this problem yet. So next time , we would fix it by having a new policy of cancellation.

- We found out that Italian cuisine was very expensive in Thailand. Some ingredients like risotto cost around 470Baht here instead of 100Baht in Europe.


Even organizers had to pay as same amount as joiners. They still have to pay extra for the over budget of buying ingredients and stuffs. So we would raise the fee from 200Baht to 300Baht for the next event which we think it is still be a very reasonable price.


- Sam had the idea to served white wine and soft drink to raise the fund. Finally we found out that we were too shy to ask people directly to donate more money than the fee they pay for foods. So we would not do this again. Next time our policy would be Bring your own alcohol.

That were all we had learned. We enjoyed our time of cooking. But we need a good system to make this event works well. If it works well. We could spread out what we do right now to the bigger community.

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