Free Muay Thai match in Bangkok.

It’s frantic! It’s fun! AND IT IS FREE!!!

When you come to Thailand. After you relax yourself among nice beautiful beaches , enjoy comparatively cheap delicious foods in nice restaurants , and visit lot and lot of temples.

Another popular thing that you could do in Bangkok is to watch Muay Thai match (Muay Thai Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Thai boxing, Thai kickboxing ).


Most of you might know about Kick boxing. But it is quite different from Muay Thai which Muay Thai could use elbow and knee in the combat. It is a lot more dangerous. It’s always ended up with blood spread on the floor.


If you ask some local “Where should I watch Muay Thai match”? They would tell you to go to Ratchadumneun or Lumpini(Now this state was moved) stadiums. As Thai people think that all of tourists are rich.

But I guess some of you , even you are rich. You might not want to spend $50 for a fighting match that you are not sure whether you want to see it or not. So this post is for you!


If you just want to experience Muay Thai match. There is a free Muay Thai match at MBK. , the big shopping mall , in the heart of Bangkok city. You could go to MBK. by a sky train(BTS.) It’s the last station called “National stadium” on Bangwa line.

The match organizes every Wednesday from 6pm to around 8 pm. But it is an open air stage. So if it is rain or in a rainy season. There might not be the match.


Even the fighters are not very popular. But it is still worth to come and see. There are only few Thai boxers. Most of the fighters are foreigners who learn Muay Thai. So you might see a boxer from your country here!


There are a girl fights as well. So you could watch Muay Thai martial art from both genders. If you are really interesting. You could decide it later to watch a real match at Lumpini or Ratchadumneun stadium.

Read if you want to learn a free Muay Thai!!!

Here is the best Muay Thai fighte’s clip! His name is Buawkaw! See it and you would know how dangerous Muay Thai is.

Buakaw Hilight

Buakaw kick 

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