Free Muay Thai lesson in Bangkok.

After I posted a free Muay Thai match that you could easily come to watch it for free at MBK. center. If you want to continue a little bit further. You could go to learn about it as a beginner , not far from MBK. I have a place that only few tourists know that you could go and practice it for free! And it’s in the middle heart of the city!!!


You could go there easily. Firstly , you have to get off at National stadium. The exit that linked to MBK.


Then go through the way as the first red arrow and walk straight through as the second red arrow. Just keep walking straight about ten to fifteen minutes. Then you would see this big building.


When you see this building , turn left and walk until you could find the gate number 17. The free Muay Thai lesson is at that room and it is connected to “Muay Thai museum”. You have to apply at the museum which open from 8.30-16.30. But the class would start from 18.00-19.30 Monday to Friday.


I did study free Muay Thai here before I went to Australia about five years ago. I think it is good for tourist who are not sure whether they like it or not. And you have to pay only for the shirt and pant which is cost 450 Baht($15). Then you could come here for lesson anytime during 18.00-19.30 Monday to Friday or you could just come to practice here by yourself as well.

If you are really serious about Muay Thai. You could find other place which has better trainers. This place is just for a beginner. You would see in the below clip that there are only women , kids and elder who learn the basic here. So it is very easy!

VDO Clip.

Contact information : Muay Thai museum 02-2140120 ext. 2900-2901 Monday to Friday 8.30-19.30


Lesson : Monday to Friday           But you could come to practice from 8.30-19.30

18.00-19.00 : Warm up , Muay Thai basic style.

19.00-19.30 : Basic self defenses , basic attacks , boxing aerobic.

Fee : T-shirt and pant $15 only once   , free lesson forever!


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