Flann O’Brien’s Irish Pub – Silom, Bangkok

Conveniently situated at Sala Daeng BTS station, Flann O’Brien’s Irish pub has the atmosphere you would expect of any good, true Irish pub. Relaxed, friendly and decorated tastefully with pictures of famous Irishmen and Irish county flags, you could easily forget you are in Silom until you walk outside to be greeted by the Bangkok heat.


The director of the four branches (the other three are at Impact arena, Thong Lor and Asiatique) prides himself on keeping the pubs as Irish as is possible in South East Asia. An Irishman himself, he says the trick to keeping Flann O’Brien’s truly Irish, unlike some other ‘Irish’ pubs that are just English pubs in disguise, is in the fact that they only promote their Irish products.


Most promoted and most important for an Irish pub is, of course, the beer. A wide selection is available including two Irish draught beers; Guinness and Kilkenny. A little pricey when compared to local beers at 260 Baht per pint, but to make up for it they do an all-day Happy Hour with reduced prices on selected Irish drinks and 100 Baht local beers.


As every Irishman knows, Guinness doesn’t taste as good outside of Ireland. But Flann O’Brien’s did pretty well on that score; served at the right temperature and with the right amount of head on the beer. For non-beer fans who still want a taste of Ireland there is also Magners, a sweet, crisp Irish apple cider, or a selection of Irish spirits.


The menu has a wide selection of Irish and English dishes, with a small Thai menu to satisfy customers who aren’t perhaps so accustomed to seeing so much potato on a plate. Food is locally sourced where possible, except for the steaks and lamb-chops, which are imported from Australia and New Zealand.


Considering how difficult it is to get ingredients for Western food in Thailand, the majority of the food tastes very authentic. The signature dish, Beef and Guinness pie (425 Baht), was agreed by all on our table as the best, a rich beef and vegetable stew in Guinness gravy, with a crispy puff pastry topping.


Also at a good standard were the fish and chips (325 Baht) and bangers and mash (345 Baht). The menu also includes a small selection of desserts including traditional Irish bread pudding (135 Baht), which, unlike many Western desserts re-made in Thailand, was not too sweet. Made from bread and butter and flavoured with cinnamon, the bread pudding would appeal to Asian palettes as well as Western. Overall the food was fresh and well cooked, meat was of good quality and everything was well presented, in a way that you would expect of any decent pub.


Flann O’Brien’s also does live music 3 nights a week, the most popular being the Thai Beatles band on a Friday. The music during our visit was a selection of Western classics that was made even more entertaining by the Irish director, who got up on stage to give us a song! Fun, friendly and relaxed, Flann O’Brien’s, is everything a good Irish pub (outside of Ireland) should be.


Flann O’Brien’s Irish Pub (Silom branch) is situated at 62/1-4 Silom Road, Bangkok and can be seen from Sala Daeng BTS station (exit 1).

Opening times: 10am til 1am 7 days a week.

Average price per main meal: 300 Baht

Soft-drinks: 40 – 120 Baht

Alcoholic Drinks:

Beer – local beers from 100 Baht (bottled), import beers from 235 Baht (draught pint)

Wine – from 800 Baht per bottle

Spirits – from 120 Baht

Cocktails – from 160 Baht

fish and chips (325 Baht)


bangers and mash (345 Baht)
bangers and mash (345 Baht)


traditional Irish bread pudding (135 Baht)
traditional Irish bread pudding (135 Baht)

Website : http://flann-obriens.com/ Menus : http://flann-obriens.com/food-menu/

For more information about Ireland’s biggest export, Guinness, and why it doesn’t taste the same outside of Ireland have a read of this article: http://www.livescience.com/33125-guinness-tastes-better-in-ireland.html

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