Erawan waterfall , 7 levels waterfall – Kanchanaburi.


I had read about Kanchanaburi on the internet and heard Erawan Waterfall was the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand but I had never been to this waterfall so really wanted to check it out and see for myself whether it really was the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand or not.

As a matter of fact, Erawan waterfall is what I was looking for on this trip. Let’s go and check it out together! – click here if you want to know how to come to Kanchanaburi.


Again we explored the countryside by riding a motorbike. We could go anywhere we wanted, when we wanted, and stop whenever we felt like.

The waterfall is about 70 kilometers away from the city. If you don’t want to go by motorbike there is a one day tour which costs around 450 Baht including lunch and an admission fee.

(Srinakarin Dam was one of our stops)
(Srinakarin Dam was one of our stops)
 (Another stop before we arrived the waterfall)
(Another stop before we arrived the waterfall)

I recommend you to leave early because it takes about one and a half hours to ride on the 3199 main road. It’s a very easy ride, perfect for one who has just started learning to ride. We left at around 6.30am so we could enjoy a nice breeze without any risk of sunburn, less traffic (when we came back, it was horrible), and, most importantly, fewer crowds when we were in the waterfall area.



We prepared some food and supplies, but found out that there is a big market right at the entrance of Erawan National Park, which sells everything, so you don’t have to carry lots of stuff.

The national park has some houses to rent, or if you want to get closer to nature, there are tents as well. If you decide you feel like staying longer, you can normally stay the night without booking in advance. It’s about 150 baht per person and the facilities are quite good.


At the entrance to the waterfall, you are prohibited from bringing in any food, drugs or alcohol, but you can take a bottle of water. You must pay a 20 baht deposit per bottle but after you return and show the bottle, they will give the deposit back to you.

The ticket is 200baht for foreigners and 40 baht for Thais.

Please keep in mind that there are seven levels. The top level is 1,520 meters away from the entrance. All levels close at 15.30pm so you should go up before 14.00pm if you want to go up to level seven.

(Distance of each levels from the entrance )
(Distance of each levels from the entrance )

Our plan was to go to the top and explore from the top to the bottom. It was a Saturday so I knew that it was going to be crowded later on so we tried to be the first ones to put our dirt in the water.

(Sports shoes or bare feet are best, as it was too slippery for flip-flops)
(Sports shoes or bare feet are best, as it was too slippery for flip-flops)
 (I sweated like hell, even though it was just level 5!)
(I sweated like hell, even though it was just level 5!)

It is very hot in the summer and some parts of the way are quite steep and rough but most of it was an easy walk.

I really wanted to go swimming on level 5 as I was sweating like I was in hell! But our mission continued: we would stop at the top – level seven.


Finally we arrived at the top, Phupa Erawan level. There was a sign saying “End of trail”. The Thai words say “You are the conqueror”. It was not too hard. It took about 50 minutes from the bottom to here.



We took our time in waterfall as a reward. The water was colder than we had expected and there was more than just sight-seeing and swimming, there were some creatures that

……eat you!


You could hear the giggling sounds from all the people who had just got into the water. It was a welcoming ceremony from the local fishes.

Yes, it was a very weird feeling when the fish in the waterfall started nibbling my skin. Even though I’d tried it before, I still needed some time to get used to it. Most of people were bitten, normally on the feet.


If you don’t want to spend 150 baht at Khaosarn Road to let the smaller fishes suck your feet, you should try it here! I guess the feeling should be the same, or pretty similar. It doesn’t hurt at all!


If you love this kind of activity, this place is for you as you can let the fishes eat your dead skin all day long. It would cost more than a thousand baht in Bangkok but here it is free!

My German friend could not bear it at first but after a while she just sat down with her feet in the water, while all the fish worked away.

If you don’t like the feeling of being bitten, you can walk up a bit on the same level where there are no fish to bother you.

We took our time swimming and enjoying the free fish spa for quite for a while then wandered back down and found that there were people everywhere! Actually, some more people had joined us on level seven, which was why we decided to leave.


On level six, there is a nice, cool hole where water runs through. You can go inside and take pictures like I did but you might find that the way back is harder than the way in! Be careful of slippery surfaces. If you fall down, you might get hurt.


It was easy to get into that hole but the way back was more difficult. Alright, I think I should let you explore the other five levels by yourself. My conclusion was that Erawan Waterfall might not be the most beautiful in Thailand but we enjoyed this trip very much. I love the fact that I could save more than a thousand baht for a fish spa service!

 Other choice of transportation…..

You can get to Erawan waterfall by a public-transport truck, which we call songtheaw. You will find this type of transport all over Thailand. The driver might charge you around 1,000 baht but in Thailand everything can be negotiated. I think a fair price would be around 700 baht for a return trip. You could tip him later if you’re satisfied with the service.

If you want to travel the cheapest way the bus is the best choice for you. It leaves hourly (at least it’s supposes to…). You can take bus number 8170 from Kanchanaburi Bus Station. It takes about 2 hours and will drop you at Srinakarind Market. From there, you have to walk about 1 km. to the national park. The last bus from the market is at 4pm so don’t miss it!


Tips :

- bring sport shoes or you have to walk with no shoes as it can be very slippery, rocky and muddy

- bring a bathing suit!

- bring sunscreen and insect repellent.

- bring smiles and enjoy your time there!

- Ohhh and try to be there before 9.30am if you don’t like big crowds. There are usually fewer people on weekdays than weekends.


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