Ephesus(Efes) travel tips-2

Let’s continue from “The library of Clesuis” to the second gate on the hill. Click here for Ephesus(Efes) travel tips-1.

Hadrain’s gate.
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Curetes Street.

This street was flourished by marble. It was 210 meters long. It was built for only important persons which classified as the sixth class. And that was where the name “Curetes” came from.

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The Latrine.
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Temple of Hadrian.
This is another interesting spot after “The library of Celsus”
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Nymphaeum Traiani.

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The Hercacles Gate.

Have you heard about “Hercules” , the strongest man in the world?   Yes , the one on the film starring by “The rock”. This gate was dedicated to him.

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The Memmius Monument.

16 17

Temple of Domitian.

Nike statue.

I had just realized that Nike , the sport brand which own the slogan “Just do it” , had it name from this statue.



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