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When it comes to crepes, many people would certainly ask where they can find authentic French crepes to indulge in Bangkok. Crêpes & Co. is a choice not to miss for those who adores authentic and tasty French crêpes. Situated in the Lang Suan Soi close to Central Chidlom and Mercury Ville, Crêpes and Co. can be found on a side street on Langsuan road, only ten minutes’ walk away from the Chidlom BTS station.


The building looks more like a house than a restaurant as intended by concept of the owner, Mr. Philippe Bruttin. You can instantly feel the relaxing and cozy homelike atmosphere just by walking through the wooden door of the restaurant. You can also listen to the traditional Moroccan music playing in the background while enjoying the delectable choices of food on the menu.


Crêpes & Co, as the name suggests, offers the best french-styled crêpes in town. You can choose your own favorite ingredients from the chef-designer leaflet provided. For a recommended savory crepe menu, Crepe Sukhumvit, a crepe with chicken and lots of vegetables inside topped with Béchamel sauce, is a must-try menu for those who like it healthy and yummy.


Another two menus not to miss after your main courses are Crepe C&C and Crepe Chocomel, both of which are favorites among regular visitors of the restaurant.


If you like fruits and lots of fruits, go for Crepe C&C which is composed of fruit salad, vanilla ice cream which goes so well with mango sauce on top. For chocolate lovers, Crepe Chocomel, consisting of homemade chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, is absolutely recommended. The Crepe Chocomel cannot be completed without the delectable salted caramel topping which makes the crepe even more.


Apart from crepes, Crêpes & Co. also provides a variety of Mediterranean, Greek, Spanish cuisine with family recipes including salads, main courses, and pastas. C&C Mezze is a good start to enjoy Mediterranean food for a beginners. The feeling after this dish hit your palate is clean, relaxing, and satisfying. The taste is not too strong yet delicious. It is also fun to paste your pita bread and enjoy the taste of the three different dips provided: melitzano, hummus, and tabouleh.


If you need a bowl of green healthy vegetables, look no further than the specially prepared Bulgarian Summer Salad. Really intended for scorching summer of Thailand, Bulgarian Summer Salad features lettuce as a main ingredient incorporated with sweet and fresh watermelon, tomato, feta cheese, and olives.


Another menu not to miss when you frequent Crêpes & Co. is the famous Fish Chermoula. Marinated with Moroccan spices, the pan-fried red snapper is a delicacy you can find nowhere else in Bangkok. Served in a traditional moroccan bowl, the fish is soft yet not mushy. The spices and herbs go inside the fish and the slightly hot taste makes you ask for more.


After so many tasty delicacies from both Moroccan, French, and Greek cuisine, it is time for some tea. Moroccan Mint Tea comes with a nice tea set with mint leaf in the glass. You can also enjoy watching the server pour the hot tea into your glass. To end your enjoyable dining delight with some mint tea and a traditional Moroccan-styled music played in the background is quite an unique experience served to you directly in the heart of bustling Bangkok.


From 1st August – 31st October 2014, Crêpes & Co. will launch a Greek Promotion!  Enjoy the traditional and hearty taste of classics such as Greek Lamb Stew with thyme and Kalamata olives (485++ baht) and Moussaka with layered eggplant and lamb gratin (390++ baht).  For a lighter, simpler meal, try the Chicken Souvlakia wrap with bell pepper and yoghurt (250++ baht).

Dine with friends and enjoy a Mezze Combination Platter which includes a selection of tasty appetizers for 2 (395++ baht) or for 4 (650++ baht).


For dessert, try Baklava, a sweet pastry with nuts and syrup (180++ baht), or Crepe Halva with sweet sesame paste, almonds and chocolate sauce (220++ baht).

Don’t forget to finish with a cup of Greek coffee and a glass of Ouzo, a traditional Greek aperitif.



@ Langsuan59/4 Langsuan Soi 1
Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini,
BangkokOpen from 9am to 11pm
Sunday from 8amTel. +66 (0) 2 6520208 to 9
@ ThonglorEight Thonglor Bldg,
88 Thonglor Soi 8,
BangkokOpen from 9am to 11pm
Sunday from 8amTel. +66 (0) 2 7269398 to 9


Crêpes & Co. was the first restaurant that we review with the fan club. Here is our fan club’s review(Thaksa-on Som  Pornthaworn ) on Crêpes & Co. 


“A Variety of colorful Mediterranean dishes served along with savoury & sweet crepes in a cozy and ambient space in the heart of Bangkok”

It was my first time at this branch of Crepes and Co and I found there’re were many more dishes on the extended menu to accompany the traditional French style crepes. The restaurant itself is a bit hidden behind the busy BTS area of Chid Lom, yet it is set in a quiet little tree lined courtyard and it has such a relaxed homely feel, it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends after long hours at work.



This was my first experience of a traditional Moroccan dish and  i was pleasantly suprised by the fish stew type dish which was presented to me, served with couscous and a unique chili paste called Harissa. I loved the Bulgarian salad which is a delicious mixture of juicy fresh watermelon, crunchy veggies and tangy feta cheese. Lastly of course, I highly recommend the sweet selection of desert crepes whilst having a sip of warm Moroccan mint tea to cleanse the pallette- the way to end a perfect meal at Crepes & Co.

Written By : KNZ.

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