Couch surfing is not a dating site,really???


When you register a new account on www.couchsurfing.org, you will notice this acknowledgement “couch surfing is not a dating site”. This was added in April 2011. Hmmmm…I wonder why they emphasize this… Let’s find out!!!

The first time I heard about this website, I didn’t pay any attention at all. I heard about it from my housemate, Stephanie, in Sydney. She told me that West (another housemate) used it to let some girls come and stay for free on our couch in the living room or sometimes in his bedroom!!!

Wooowwww!!! What a fantastic idea for a lonely, sleazy young man.


Then I forgot about the site for a while but one day, when I was staying with a woman named Lyn (a host from another network), I met a guy named John, who looked a lot like a party guy, accompanied by a German girl. The German girl and I talked about host networks and she told me that she was surfing on his couch.

What??? What a weird conversation…surfing on a couch? Not a board?

Suddenly that conversation with Stephanie popped into my head. OK it must be that website West used to host some chic, I thought, and after that Couch Surfing stuck in my mind.

OK, let’s see what other people think about it!


I still wasn’t particularly interested in Couch Surfing because I was happy with Helpx, which provided me with free food and accommodation in exchange for work. Plus, I had pretty much overlooked it as a dating or flirting site until one day…

You could call the following incident a butterfly effect. When the Japanese nuclear power plant blew up, I was in Thailand and was planning to travel to Taiwan using Helpx but my travel buddy, who I needed for a video project we were working on, had a problem: his mom was afraid that radiation from the power plant in Japan would reach to Taiwan so our trip was over before it had even started.

Should I give up?, I thought. Never!

We changed our destination to Malaysia. The only problem was that there were not many Helpx hosts in Malaysia so, again, the idea of couch surfing popped into my head. Then, there we were in Kuala Lumphur, surfing on a girl named Emilia’s couch. It was my first couch surfing experience and it was really good!

Since then, I haven’t stopped traveling by staying with strangers. It’s a lot of fun! You can meet new people, learn new things, and discover new environments all over the world.

I can tell you that there are many types of people who use Couch Surfing. Some use it as a dating site. Some (not many) are worse and use it as a raping site, and it’s not only girls who are in danger. I heard a story from a C.S. social group about a guy from Germany whose drink was spiked and the next morning he woke up with a saw ass. So guys, you have to watch your back when you travel alone like this! Don’t let this scare you off though. Most of the people I’ve met through host networks have been really awesome, friendly people.

Later, I upgraded myself to be a C.S. host as soon as I had the chance back in Bangkok. It’s a very different experience from surfing but I enjoy both of them.

You can see what I’m like as a host through the comments that people who stay with me give. I pick people based on what I am interested in, no matter whether they are a girl or guy.

I would definitely host you if you are an awesome, cool guy, but what if you are a hot blond who has zero comments on your profile? Would I host you????

…………………..Why not???? ^__^



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