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Possible Causes for the Rape and Murder Case in Koh Tao.

It was not my first time to hear that foreigners was raped and murdered in Thailand. It was happened in Koh Pha ngan. It was happened in Koh Samui. And it was happened in Chaingmai. My prediction is right that it would happen over and over again. If you don’t know two main factors that caused raped and murdered in Thailand.

pic1- Chanel3 and Kappok.com news
pic1- Chanel3 and Kappok.com news

Factor No.1 : The system failed.

- Bad immigration law.

A reoccurring issue that happens due to flaws in Thailand’s immigration system is immigration law. Many immigrants who come to Thailand to work as labourers. They always commits brutal crimes in Thailand. It appears on the news very often. So Thai people familiar with it. But as Thailand wants to keep the cost of services low we employ a lot of labour from our neighbouring countries. This is a very bad system as many of the immigrants have a criminal history which we fail to check.


Nowadays there are only few Thai people who work as kitchen hands in lower to middle range restaurants and the same goes for other industries too. Most of the workers are from Myanmar, Cambodia or Laos and unfortunately Myanmar labourers have the worst reputation for committing crimes.

- The jail sentence can always be reduced.

I don’t know about the Western law system at all. I’m not sure whether you have this kind of thing or not but In Thailand people know that a prison sentence will be reduced with good behaviour every year. If you commit a crime in Thailand and you behave yourself well, you might serve only about five to ten years sentence instead of a lifetime in jail. Personally I do not like this system, I’m sure that it lowers the seriousness of crimes and more and more people commit unforgivable acts with little punishment.


- Thai system relies on authority, not the rules of the system itself.

This is another thing about Thailand that I really don’t like and I am sure many other Thai people share the same opinion. The Thai system relies on manpower to enforce law and order. A common example is when there are regular traffic jams. The government doesn’t solve the problem by improving city roads and navigation systems. Instead, the Thai solution is to send a policeman to every corner in Bangkok to keep the traffic moving as an attempt to reduce congestion. It is very normal to see policemen at junctions during the morning rush hour and note that there are very few road accidents because of this. What they is keep an eye out for undisciplined drivers and try to make traffic flow as fast flowing as possible.

This kind of thing happens in every aspect of the Thai way of life, including murder cases. If you could read in Thai you would see in every newspaper the prime minister orders these cases as urgent and they have to be concluded soon. But what about other murder cases? Many of them are left ignored as unsolved cases.



Factor No.2: Thai culture is different to Western culture.

- Only a few Thai women walk with no bra or bikini.

When you arrive in Thailand you feel the heat immediately. The average temperature in Bangkok is about 25-30 Degree Celsius and the humidity is quite high. In our old culture, women were not allowed to dress in a revealing way in public. You will be amazed by how many Thai women dress up but only a few of them would walk in public with no bra. In our existing culture many Thai women wear sexy dresses but the majority are foreigners and some of them might not care or understand Thai culture at all. This could lead to problems.


Average income from rich countries.
Average income from rich countries.

- Low cost of income.
How about Thailand’s average income by IMF in 2013? We were ranked number 92 in the world. This is not too bad as we are a bit higher than Namibia but lower than Iraq. Do you know that we have a huge gap between the rich and the poor? The average salary for a fresh bachelor degree graduate worker is about only about $300 per month.
So what is the point? The point is people who have a low income may not care about their future at all. They have to work to feed themselves day by day, this could tempt them to commit crimes instead of working as usual to have a better future.


Thailand was ranked as No.92
Thailand was ranked as No.92

- What is in Thai men and women’s mind?
Thai people love to watch TV. It is a much more popular activity than reading. The highest rating of TV viewings in Thailand are soap operas. Recently there has been controversy over soap stories involving rape between main characters. These shows are influencing people and making crimes such as rape seem normal.
Thai men are lead by a social way of thinking that we must have a pretty, slim and sexy girlfriend. And the women are lead by a social view that they should have a rich boyfriend.
How about the poor ugly guys? They want to have the same pretty and sexy girlfriend as well but they cannot. So you can see that most of the criminals in rape cases were often poor people.
As Thai women are aware of this kind of fact they protect themselves well enough. They dress sexy when they are in public area but not in risky places. So many criminals find Western girls who don’t know these facts at all. They would wait until they have a chance and commit a crime. And when it is out of the media’s attention, Thai people don’t care about it at all. It could happen over and over again if we don’t change things.




Way out:
Thailand is a very beautiful place with amazing people but the same as beautiful plants or colourful animals, some of them are dangerous. Sometimes we are dangerous. Thai people love tourists and we want all of you to have good experience on the trip to Thailand. But you have to beware that this is not the same as your country. So here are the easy practices to prevent you from crime in Thailand.
1. It is OK to dress sexy as long as you are in public.
2. Don’t go alone in desolated places; even you have a boyfriend with you it could still be dangerous.
I am sure if you could do this your trip would be safe.


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