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A year round destination…Turkey!

A half year has already passed…if you still have your vacation leave available for 7-10 days, I do recommend you to visit the country where East meets West, “Turkey”. When is the best time to travel to Turkey? The season does indeed matter for the country surrounded by seas and terrains. All of the four seasons do exist in Turkey and different season has its interest to visit. Let’s explore the main highlights of each season and which part of Turkey you should/shouldn’t visit specifically.

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             For those of you that liked Rosie and Claire’s story, here is a second article they have written. They love to travel with host networks as well and in their case, they had a lot of experience of Wwoofing.

       I’m not into this kind of work at all, so it is perfect to share this story from their perspective. I am sure many of you would love to do some work on a farm jobs but it is just not my style.

        OK let’s check it out…..

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Pink beach(Henderson Bay) in New Zealand.

The legendary “pink beach” my host wouldn’t stop talking about. It definitely does lived up to its name. It’s the first pink beach I’ve ever seen. The coloration originated from the mixture minerals in the area combined with reflection of sunlight. The direction to this beach is quite simple as well. It is very close to the main street 1F on the right side. There will be a brown sign indicating the entrance.

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Goreme open air museum travel tips.

Goreme is huge and has lot of beautiful wired rocks. But if you ask me for the best place to visit in Goreme. My answer would be ” Goreme open air museum”

Read my 7 places to visit in Goreme.

This place is just about 15 minutes walk from Goreme city center. There are many interesting stuffs to see there , especially churches from the 11th century. The authority knew that it is the best area. That was the reason they got in control and now open to collect the fee from tourists.

Let’s go to see what would you get!

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