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Sushi Masa : A Cut Above the Rest

With such a wide range of places to eat andchoice of cuisines that cater for everyone’s taste, there comes big competition amongst restaurants in Bangkok.

People here seem to go crazy for the latest trend of restaurant scene and Sushi is high on the cards, not just for hi-so customers. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a meal for two or a place to meet a group, Sushi Masa is a contemporary modern Japanese inspired restaurant which is definitely worth a visit.

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The best food court in the world.

There are lot of things that could shock you in Thailand….

- Beautiful ladies whom you would find out later that they are boys!

- Cheap foods , good taste!

- People are super friendly and could give you things without hidden agenda , even they have not got money in their pocket at all.

- cooked Insects or scorpion  in Khaosarn road.

And many many more things that we have a lot of uncommon compare with Western countries , not including the culture shock yet!

These things I mentioned above are common stuffs for Thais. But one thing that would shock both of Thais and foreigner was that we just had the best food court of the whole wide world in Bangkok!

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Make new friends by joining a dancing group in Bangkok.

Do you have a problem that you want to go to dance in the club and make a new friends but you travel alone? If you have that problem while traveling in Bangkok. I could fix it for you!

and this is my 7 ways to make new friends when I travel

                I have to thank you Sonia, the girl I had met in couchsurfing meeting , that she showed me this solution by brought me to a friendly fun dancing group in Bangkok. It was a Zouk dance around 10pm. It was really fun. Here are the reason why you should join it….

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Basic Thai language for foreigners.

It is good to know some useful words when you travel to a new country where English isn’t the first language. Thailand is a country that welcomes a huge number of tourists every year but there are relatively few locals who can communicate in English.

Thai people love foreigners. And they love to speak to them even more. Last year (2013), more than 26 million visitors traveled to our country. But the problem is the Thai school system spends more time teaching English grammar rules than practical usage of English such as speaking, listening and pronunciation skills.

You’ll realize soon after you arrive that few Thais can speak good English. So not only is it useful for you to learn some Thai language but Thai people will be thoroughly impressed if you can speak a little bit of Thai. You might even end up with some discount or a free drink!

So lucky you, here’s a free beginners lesson. Let’s take a look at some useful words and short conversations.



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The cheapest movie in the world.

How much does the movie cost in your country?

Back in 2010 , I lived in Sydney and the movie cost $AUS10.

In 2011 I watched movie in Kuala Lumphur , Malaysia. It cost $5.

As far as I know , prices of movies in every corners of our world are rising up. But two days ago( 7/26/2014) , I still went for a movie which cost just $2.7 in Bangkok ,Thailand. And the quality was as same as in Australia and Malaysia!

Let’s find out where the cheapest movie in the world is!

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