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Samet island , a very nice island near Bangkok-1.

When I travel to beaches in Thailand. I always seek for pretty beaches that are far far away from Bangkok , capital city of Thailand. The closet beach I had been was Koh Chang which was about five hours away. Actually , there is one popular island that you could easily go there in just three and a half hours from Bangkok. It is Samet island. Continue reading


Jiro raw bar and Grill.

Jiro is a funky Sushi bar and restaurant space established by four ambitious sisters to celebrate their shared love of all things Sushi. The sisters searched all over Bangkok, scouring the streets in search of the best flavours they could find. They took all the best bits and took note of the not so good bits and they incorporated this into their own business concepts, rolling the key ingredients together into one combination perfect sushi.

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The different from other beautiful islands is a view from the top of the rock.

Similan island , one of the most prettiest reserved area in Thailand.

Thailand has lot and lot of beautiful beaches and dive spots. That is one of my luck to be born as a Thai person. Check out my top10 beach in Thailand.

Even we have many nice beaches. Each beach still has it own strength. For me if I could get rid of all tourist and be the only group who own the place. That place must be Similan island!

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still the fish

Koh Tao calling

The first time I travelled alone was about 7 years ago. I resigned from my first routine job and went to Koh Tao. Being on the road on my own was a significant learning curve for me, I still remember the excitement I felt and the shift in my happiness and independence. After the Koh Tao trip, I became addicted to solo backpacking and I’ve not looked back to my 9-5 job ever since.

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Mo-Mo-Paradise is an All-You-Can-Eat Shabu-shabu style restaurant which has been widely known among those who love quality meat and authentic Japanese-style Shabu dining. Mo-Mo-Paradise can be found in leading department stores throughout Bangkok. The first branch, which is opened in Central World department store, has been a convenient place if you want to enjoy Shabu Shabu style dining experience in the heart of Bangkok. There are now six branches of MomoParadise right now in Thailand: Central World, CDC, Terminal 21, Central Rama 9, The Promenade, and Central Bang Na respectively.

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