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Freestyle cooking event #3 : Our process of learning by doing.

We had a fun night of making an Italian foods. There are five dishes to served 8 people , more than enough right? I did enjoy my first time of making my own pizza very much. It was fun and yum! I am sure we could not get this experience like this in any restaurant. But there are something that was bugged me.

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How to join a food review in Bangkok ,Thailand.

Dear friends and followers.

I would love to say Thank you officially to all of you who support me. Now I am ready and serious to do a website I planned for some years since I made my first traveling book that I should do something for people who support me. Not just to say Thank you. But I should let them have some nice experience as I have had.

Right now what I could do is to give back my supporters some souvenirs that I have collected from country I have been. And another choice is to let you join my food review for free.

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Make new friends by joining a dancing group in Bangkok.

Do you have a problem that you want to go to dance in the club and make a new friends but you travel alone? If you have that problem while traveling in Bangkok. I could fix it for you!

and this is my 7 ways to make new friends when I travel

                I have to thank you Sonia, the girl I had met in couchsurfing meeting , that she showed me this solution by brought me to a friendly fun dancing group in Bangkok. It was a Zouk dance around 10pm. It was really fun. Here are the reason why you should join it….

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The cheapest movie in the world.

How much does the movie cost in your country?

Back in 2010 , I lived in Sydney and the movie cost $AUS10.

In 2011 I watched movie in Kuala Lumphur , Malaysia. It cost $5.

As far as I know , prices of movies in every corners of our world are rising up. But two days ago( 7/26/2014) , I still went for a movie which cost just $2.7 in Bangkok ,Thailand. And the quality was as same as in Australia and Malaysia!

Let’s find out where the cheapest movie in the world is!

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