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What is your style?

My first time to make English and Scottish dishes.

Time flies fast. Our Freestyle cooking event became to an event No.5. This time we would make English-Scottish dishes for a celebration of declaration that Scotland will stay united with the United Kingdom. We planned to make : Starter- Scotch broth , Main- Cottage pie served with buttered green beans, roasted carrots with honey and sesame seeds , Dessert- Shortbread with whipped cream and a raspberry coulis. Let’s check it out…..

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The cheapest haircut in the world.

After the best food court in the world and the cheapest movie that you could find in our planet earth. Now It is time to get your hair done!

How often do you have a haircut? I personally love sports and I sweat very easy. So I love my hair to be short. And Thailand is hot and humid. So I have my haircut every month. But it is because of a haircut in Thailand cost so cheap. That is why I would love to have a haircut once a month.

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First time to make Tom Kha Kai by Ayami.

First time to cook? No problem!

Our freestyle cooking event #4 , we had two new guest. First , she is a girl I knew from meetup , Ayami. She told me that she love to cook. But she have not tried to make Thai dish before. Second was Thai girl , Picha , who applied by Her profile told us that she loves to eat. But she have never cooked anything before. So it would be great to have two people who are interested in cooking in our group. As we formed our Freestyle cooking group for anyone who are interesting in cooking , not just for an expert. Let’s check it out how did they do!

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