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The second one I could not resist myself.So I ordered honey oat bread...YUM!

Don’t miss a subway in Thailand!

One of the reputation about Thailand is cheap food and good taste! This fact is hard to be beaten. You could check it out how cheap the food in Thailand are. And it is not only Thai foods. There are foods from around the world which have amazing price in Thailand , including the subway sandwich!

The first one is Parmesan oregano bread.
The first one is Parmesan oregano bread.


How much does the cheapest subway sandwich menu in your country? In Thailand , Subway sandwich always launches the promotional menu of chicken ham which cost only 49Baht( $1.5 ). You could get a half of five selective bread , four slices of chicken ham , lot of veggies , and lot of sauces. It is amazing! When I passing by I always grab one or two this promotional menu. And it lasts very long( from March to October 2014).

The second one I could not resist myself.So I ordered honey oat bread...YUM!
The second one I could not resist myself.So I ordered honey oat bread…YUM!

I used to live in Sydney. And I remember that Subway sandwich there cost at least $9. That was about four years ago. So this kind of promotional menu is crazy. Even if I buy all ingredients to make it. It would cost me more than 49Baht. I have a friend who used to work in Subway , Thailand. He told me that the American guy who own a license of Subway sandwich in Thailand. He is crazy about launching this kind of menu. I notices this kind of promotion were launched for three or four consecutive years. So never mind….I would buy a sandwich from subway as long as this promotion exists!


The cheapest haircut in the world.

After the best food court in the world and the cheapest movie that you could find in our planet earth. Now It is time to get your hair done!

How often do you have a haircut? I personally love sports and I sweat very easy. So I love my hair to be short. And Thailand is hot and humid. So I have my haircut every month. But it is because of a haircut in Thailand cost so cheap. That is why I would love to have a haircut once a month.

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The different from other beautiful islands is a view from the top of the rock.

Similan island , one of the most prettiest reserved area in Thailand.

Thailand has lot and lot of beautiful beaches and dive spots. That is one of my luck to be born as a Thai person. Check out my top10 beach in Thailand.

Even we have many nice beaches. Each beach still has it own strength. For me if I could get rid of all tourist and be the only group who own the place. That place must be Similan island!

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First time to make Tom Kha Kai by Ayami.

First time to cook? No problem!

Our freestyle cooking event #4 , we had two new guest. First , she is a girl I knew from meetup , Ayami. She told me that she love to cook. But she have not tried to make Thai dish before. Second was Thai girl , Picha , who applied by Her profile told us that she loves to eat. But she have never cooked anything before. So it would be great to have two people who are interested in cooking in our group. As we formed our Freestyle cooking group for anyone who are interesting in cooking , not just for an expert. Let’s check it out how did they do!

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pic1- Chanel3 and news

Possible Causes for the Rape and Murder Case in Koh Tao.

It was not my first time to hear that foreigners was raped and murdered in Thailand. It was happened in Koh Pha ngan. It was happened in Koh Samui. And it was happened in Chaingmai. My prediction is right that it would happen over and over again. If you don’t know two main factors that caused raped and murdered in Thailand.

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