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Samet island , a very nice island near Bangkok-1.

When I travel to beaches in Thailand. I always seek for pretty beaches that are far far away from Bangkok , capital city of Thailand. The closet beach I had been was Koh Chang which was about five hours away. Actually , there is one popular island that you could easily go there in just three and a half hours from Bangkok. It is Samet island. Continue reading


Jiro raw bar and Grill.

Jiro is a funky Sushi bar and restaurant space established by four ambitious sisters to celebrate their shared love of all things Sushi. The sisters searched all over Bangkok, scouring the streets in search of the best flavours they could find. They took all the best bits and took note of the not so good bits and they incorporated this into their own business concepts, rolling the key ingredients together into one combination perfect sushi.

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What is your style?

My first time to make English and Scottish dishes.

Time flies fast. Our Freestyle cooking event became to an event No.5. This time we would make English-Scottish dishes for a celebration of declaration that Scotland will stay united with the United Kingdom. We planned to make : Starter- Scotch broth , Main- Cottage pie served with buttered green beans, roasted carrots with honey and sesame seeds , Dessert- Shortbread with whipped cream and a raspberry coulis. Let’s check it out…..

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