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7 places to visit in Goreme.

Not only the hot air balloon a must do activity in Goreme, but also there are many interesting places that have amazing views of the landscape in this region.

There are beautiful and weird rock formations here which were caused by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago and have since been eroded by wind and rain.  Let’s check it out: seven places you could visit in one day around this striking world heritage site.

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My top 10 experiences in Turkey.

This was my first trip to Europe (Well, 3% of Turkey is in Europe). It has been 22 days that gave me an extraordinary experience of making a traveling book of Turkey , one of the most beautiful country.

I was super busy almost everyday to wake up early , travel to interesting places , and took a lot of pictures. It was not my travel style to hop on and off , moved from city to another. Sometimes you could not get everything you want. But at least it was about traveling and it worth trying.

Here are my top 10 experiences in the beautiful land , Turkey.

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White Haven Beach – Am I in heaven?

It was an advertising sign on a bus stop in Sydney that inspired me to have an unforgettable trip to White Haven beach, and the most important part was that it was there that I traveled by host network for the first time.

After I saw Hamilton Island on that poster, my heart kept on asking me, when and how can I make this trip? Later on I found out that Hamilton island was not as good as I expected , just because you could flew to the airport on that island. So it is a hub to explore the stunning Whitsunday islands group.

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My top 10 destinations along East coast, Australia.

Seven years ago I made the decision to quit a routine job and begin my journey around the world. I had no idea that I would start with the continent ‘down under’.

Australia was quite far away from my country and in my imagination it was a world away. But at last I ended up hanging out with the laid back Aussies who could kick back and chill out all day amongst beautiful nature and I had the unforgettable experience of host networks.

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