About me


Hi guys!!! My name is Petz Patiyut. I am Thai, not Taiwanese. I fell in love with traveling the first time I went abroad. It was a trip to Canada through a student exchange program when I was 16. After that I made a plan to travel around the world in my 20s.

Well, that goal fell through without a doubt. But if you dream about traveling to a faraway destination such as the planet Pluto, you will not reach it. However, you will still get out into space. That is my philosophy. I hit the traveling jackpot in my late 20s. I found host networks, which I could use to travel around the world for free! I have already done this in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Turkey and more are coming. All were amazing!



I have to thank Paulo Coelho- the author of “The Alchemist”. I learned an important philosophy of life from the book; I must live my life on my own path, not the path that others try to choose for me.
Because of the path I have chosen, my life is totally different from most people I know. I have done some amazing things such as being hosted by an airline to travel for free, many free and unforgettable activities (skydiving, hot air ballooning, walking on a glacier, going up in a Helicopter, etc.), stayed in luxury hotels, met a great chef of New Zealand and made some money from selling travel books. But the most important thing I experienced was meeting a lot of local people on my trips.



I have enjoyed wonderful experiences from traveling through host networks. And I want to share these things with you, to let you know that you could travel at any age and still have fun and you do not need a big budget. You can travel alone and meet many nice new friends along the way.


Since, I have heard lot of people saying that our world is becoming worse and worse. There are many problems, such as global warming, war, economic downturns, corrupted politicians and so on and on and on….


I want to show you the other side of our world, the side that we are not shown in the main stream media. Our planet is such a beautiful place to live, not only with its stunning natural beauty but also the people we live with. That is what my website’s name comes from “Lovely planetz”. Our planet is not lonely anymore.

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I have to say thank you and give all the credit to Lyn, my first host, who impressed me by her kindness and amazing lifestyle. We enjoyed the time we spent on her sofa watching Master Chef kids-Australia. It was a moment that introduced me to a new passion: cooking.


I first cooked for others at Lyn’s house. From that time on, I continued to cook while staying with other hosts. The time seems to stop while I am cooking and I don’t become bored or exhausted. I really love to cook and can not wait to show Lyn my skill I have right now.
Without Lyn I would not have made this website. Her inspirational stories and nice time we spent together were a big motivation for me. I want to be successful as soon as possible. Then we can meet again!



Thank you , Lyn…..you made my planet so lovely.


Kind Regards,

Petz   ^__^