A year round destination…Turkey!

A half year has already passed…if you still have your vacation leave available for 7-10 days, I do recommend you to visit the country where East meets West, “Turkey”. When is the best time to travel to Turkey? The season does indeed matter for the country surrounded by seas and terrains. All of the four seasons do exist in Turkey and different season has its interest to visit. Let’s explore the main highlights of each season and which part of Turkey you should/shouldn’t visit specifically.


Spring (April to Mid-June) -It is the tourist high season because of stable weather and longer daytime. Nevertheless, it is likely to rain during April. You are recommended to book an accommodation in advance if you plan to stay over in Istanbul and Cappadocia. While it is the tourist low season in the coastal areas of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Moreover, the famous festivals in Istanbul you shouldn’t miss during spring as follows;


  • Istanbul Tulip Festival some of you might not know that Tulips were first cultivated in Persia in the 10th century and then imported to the Netherlands later in the 16th century by the gardener at Hofburg Palace in Austria. The festival is held every April since 2006 which the city government of Istanbul will plant millions of Tulipsalmost everywhere on open ground. It is said that Tulips in Istanbul were counted to 13 million last year!


  • Istanbul International Film Festival first established in 1982 and the award is presented in the golden Tulip to the winners. The purpose of this film festival is to motivate the development in Turkish cinematography as well as to promote Turkish films to be recognized. There were only 6 films shown in the first Istanbul international film festival but it has been more and more films up to thousands from 72 countries worldwide participated in the festival. For more information, please check:


Summer (Mid-June to Mid-September) – This period is hot and dry but not too sticky. It is the best time to visit if you want to avoid getting wet in the rain. The coastal areas are filled with tourists on beaches. On the contrary, Istanbul and Cappadocia are empty and you may find cheap prices and great value for the accommodations in these famous cities.


Autumn (Mid-September to October) -Another nicest time to visit apart from spring season as
the weather is chilled and rainless with clear blue sky but the cost of accommodation may be pretty high. However, daytime is shorter and the rain starts in October.Istanbul and Cappadocia are resumed being crowded while the coastal areas are lack of tourists.


Winter (November-March) – The good thing for visiting in winter is to experience snow even you are in Istanbul. The temperature could be reached 0 degree Celsius or less occasionally. If you wish to see snowy atmosphere, you should travel further to Cappadocia where is much colder. Turkey in winter may be low season with rainfall and freezing cold but it could be a choice for anyone who wants to travel on a shoestring.

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