A veggie drink a day keeps the doctor away!

I have not met doctor for years from being sick. Since I stayed with my aunt’s family. I noticed one thing that could be a reason for my healthy life style-The veggie drink!

Every morning , I wake up at 6.15am. instead of 9am. or 10am. because I am in charge of doing veggie juice for the whole family. I love this part of the job. It is healthy and the taste is really good. Here are the process of making a nice healthy drink….




Fruits and Vegetables Ingredients.        

Fruits                                                                                      Veggies

- Half of pineapple. *                                          – One bag of Kales. *

- quarter of watermelon. *                             – One bag of Choy. *

- Two oranges.                                                       – 3 big carrots. *

- One guava.                                                           – 2 big tomatoes. *

- One Chinese pear. *                                        – 2-3 Japanese cucumbers. *

- One red apple. *                                                 – Half bag of Celery. *

- One green apple. *   – 10 leafs of Tiliacora triandra(Yanang in Thai ) *

- 10-15 of snow pea. ( Anchun in Thai ) *

- gourd. ( Mara in Thai )

- Beet route. ( for more colorful and sweet)

- One Broccoli.


* means I always use this ingredients.

One bag of Vegetable is about 5-10 of them.

This amount could produce about 7 big glasses.

Most of vegetables I bought from Royal project shop which guarantee that there is no chemical and insecticide components. And the prices of them even cheaper than veggies in the market.

Fruits I always buy from Top super market which closed to my home. And I ride a bicycle to both shops. So….healthy healthy…No gas being used!


Step 1 :Soak all fruits and veggies in water that put 1 table spoon of baking soda about 15 minutes.

Step 2 : Put all fruits and vegetable in water about 10 minutes.


Step 3 : Cut them in pieces that could easily put it in juice extractor. The extractor we use is Verasu.


Step 4 : Put all of them in the juice extractor , try to balance fruits are juicy and veggies that are not juicy altogether. So the juice would not flow out of the extractor.



There are proven medical evidences that some of veggies such as Tiliacora triandra(Yanang in Thai ) has a high anti oxidize substance. It could prevent you from cancer. So I hope that I would not that kind of symptom and live in our toxic world in a good life.

Tiliacora triandra(Yanang in Thai )

The cost of all fruits and vegetables I buy is about 1,000 baht per week. This amount could give us about 7 big glasses of juice. We have it for 5 days. So it is 7X5 = 35 glasses which cost only about 30 Baht per glass. I saw some shops which sell juice extracted which use no more than 5 ingredients and it cost at least 90Baht per glass!


Enjoy a healthy life style!

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