7 places to visit in Goreme.

Not only the hot air balloon a must do activity in Goreme, but also there are many interesting places that have amazing views of the landscape in this region.

There are beautiful and weird rock formations here which were caused by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago and have since been eroded by wind and rain.  Let’s check it out: seven places you could visit in one day around this striking world heritage site.

1. Goreme opened air museum.


This is the only place that you will have to pay an entrance fee. There are many interesting rock caves that were used as a church in 11th Century and the wall paintings here are definitely the highlight of this site.

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2. Walk around and explore the township for free!


Goreme is huge, you could walk around and see a lot of stunning spots, stop wherever you want and leave whenever you feel ready. Alternatively you might decide to rent a vehicle or ride on a horse if you feel like it.


3. Avcilar valley.


To get to this place, you have to take a bus, go with a tour group or rent a vehicle. This will allow you to admire the landscape from the above the city and travel right through Rose Valley.


4. Love valley.


It’s hard to find this area on your own; a Jeep safari or walking tour is recommended to ensure you don’t get lost trying to reach this place by foot, which is a long distance walk from town.

The Elongated rock formation here is quite unique, when you arrive here I am sure you can tell why they named it “Love valley”

5. Rose Valley.


The reason this area has been named Rose Valley can be seen in the evening. If you come here at the right time, the whole valley turns into a rose pink color. You can get here by renting a vehicle or with a Rose tour which is not too expensive, and you might even get to look at some other spots with knowledge from your local guide.


6. Zelve.


This is another historical spot where there are some big Pedestal rock formations. Many old churches are located here. You could easily walk around and explore all the area for a whole day.

Travel here by public bus, with a tour group or with your own vehicle.

7. Uchisar castle.


It is not a castle, but it was originally built as accommodation that had many rooms all around this huge rock – more like an apartment block. The governor forced people who lived here to move out for their own safety; thank god they did as there was a dangerous rock fall later on.


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