Stir fried baby corn with pork mince 101.

Stir fried baby corn with pork mince is a very easy and basic stir fried menu. The mixture between young corn , oyster , fish sauce , and egg make it delicious and friendly to be eaten(No spice). If you don’t like to eat vegetable. This dish might switch your perspective about veggies. And you could make it in less than 15 minutes.

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Freestyle cooking event #3 : Our process of learning by doing.

We had a fun night of making an Italian foods. There are five dishes to served 8 people , more than enough right? I did enjoy my first time of making my own pizza very much. It was fun and yum! I am sure we could not get this experience like this in any restaurant. But there are something that was bugged me.

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Meet the popular chef in Christchurch , New Zealand.

The day I met the most popular chef in Christchurch, New Zealand was just another long and crazy day for me, but one I would remember for a lifetime!
After sleeping in the back of my car and using public toilets to clean up before bed. I left Wellington in the early morning and drove to the port to take a ferry crossing from the north to the south island. My first stop in New Zealand’s south island was Kaikoura. I enjoyed the stunning views along the coast plus a very friendly greeting from wild seals. I decided to spend a $25 night for a dorm room because I needed a warm shower.

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