Thai stir fried minced pork with holy basil 101

Moo-sab pad kra prow/ Thai stir fried minced pork with holy basil

Description: This dish is a serious contender for the most popular and beloved Thai street food dish. It’s safe option for many Thai’s when they don’t know what to order, it’s almost always available at street food stalls and restaurants and it’s packed full to bursting with flavor. Its taste is salty, spicy, fragrant from the garlic, aromatic from the holy basil and doused pleasantly in wok hie.

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Thai minced pork omelet 101.

Kai jiew moo-sub. Thai minced pork omelet.

Description: This is a Thai street food classic, it is quite different from a normal western style omelet as it’s more of a deep fried omelet, if you have your oil at the right temperature you can achieve a crispy golden yellow exterior and a fluffy inside that shouldn’t be too oily. The seasoned flavour comes from the Thai fish sauce which imparts moreish salt and sweet notes to the omelet.


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A year round destination…Turkey!

A half year has already passed…if you still have your vacation leave available for 7-10 days, I do recommend you to visit the country where East meets West, “Turkey”. When is the best time to travel to Turkey? The season does indeed matter for the country surrounded by seas and terrains. All of the four seasons do exist in Turkey and different season has its interest to visit. Let’s explore the main highlights of each season and which part of Turkey you should/shouldn’t visit specifically.

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