The Freedom of a One Way Ticket

Lovelyplanetz, is not just the name of our website and ‘our planet is not lonely anymore’ isn’t just the theme- I used this name because I don’t want to be the only one to contribute to the website. I have created this page for everyone to share their ideas, their advice and experiences, to come together and join in doing something to make our world a lovelier place…..   (but how can we do that???) 

Two nice people I have known for a while are Rosie and Claire. I met them through the Couchsurfing network and they have been abroad for over four years now. Their story is inspiring and they would like to share some of it with you.


Here is my first guest’s post by Rosie Stewart.

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Basic Thai language for foreigners.

It is good to know some useful words when you travel to a new country where English isn’t the first language. Thailand is a country that welcomes a huge number of tourists every year but there are relatively few locals who can communicate in English.

Thai people love foreigners. And they love to speak to them even more. Last year (2013), more than 26 million visitors traveled to our country. But the problem is the Thai school system spends more time teaching English grammar rules than practical usage of English such as speaking, listening and pronunciation skills.

You’ll realize soon after you arrive that few Thais can speak good English. So not only is it useful for you to learn some Thai language but Thai people will be thoroughly impressed if you can speak a little bit of Thai. You might even end up with some discount or a free drink!

So lucky you, here’s a free beginners lesson. Let’s take a look at some useful words and short conversations.



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The cheapest movie in the world.

How much does the movie cost in your country?

Back in 2010 , I lived in Sydney and the movie cost $AUS10.

In 2011 I watched movie in Kuala Lumphur , Malaysia. It cost $5.

As far as I know , prices of movies in every corners of our world are rising up. But two days ago( 7/26/2014) , I still went for a movie which cost just $2.7 in Bangkok ,Thailand. And the quality was as same as in Australia and Malaysia!

Let’s find out where the cheapest movie in the world is!

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Pink beach(Henderson Bay) in New Zealand.

The legendary “pink beach” my host wouldn’t stop talking about. It definitely does lived up to its name. It’s the first pink beach I’ve ever seen. The coloration originated from the mixture minerals in the area combined with reflection of sunlight. The direction to this beach is quite simple as well. It is very close to the main street 1F on the right side. There will be a brown sign indicating the entrance.

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Flann O’Brien’s Irish Pub – Silom, Bangkok

Conveniently situated at Sala Daeng BTS station, Flann O’Brien’s Irish pub has the atmosphere you would expect of any good, true Irish pub. Relaxed, friendly and decorated tastefully with pictures of famous Irishmen and Irish county flags, you could easily forget you are in Silom until you walk outside to be greeted by the Bangkok heat.

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