10 places to visit in Phuket.

Phuket is one of the most popular beach town in Thailand. Actually Phuket province is made up of 33 islands, including Phuket Island, the largest in Thailand.

I have been to Phuket several times. Even it is the most expensive place to live in Thailand , higher than Bangkok. But I still love the mix of convenient life style of big city with lot of beautiful beaches and greeneries.

Here are my top 10 places to visit in Phuket.

1. Kata beach.


Beautiful beach with a nice almost white sand made Kata beach to be my number one from the list of 10 places to visit in Phuket. You could not escape the crowded here. But in Kata beach , there is more space for you to sit down and meditate while the dog would walk around.


2. Maikao beach.


This is a secret spot where the nature lover loves it. There are only a few people in Maikao

beach. As there is no public transport to here. In the picture , there were beach umbrellas that local people imbedded them self into the sand for a therapy. I went there by a motorcycle. This place is closed to Phuket’s airport. There are some nice hotels line along this beach.


3. Promthep cape.


Promthep cape is the best spot to see sunset in Phuket. It is the official spot for sunset in Thailand. There are huge in number of tourist buses , cars , and scooters. So you should come here like 5pm. to make sure you would not miss the sunset by a traffic. There are plenty area for you to walk around. It would take you about half an hour to walk down to the most tip point of the cape. Then you could come back to the best spot for a sunset.


4. Karon view point.


Enjoy a nice view from Karon view point , while you could sit and have a pineapple. From this spot you could see Kata and Karon beach plus the greens from mountains.


5 Nai torn beach.


I love nature and hate crowded. Sometimes Phuket seems to be too busy , people are every where. But you could escape people in just about 30 minutes from a scooter drive. Then you would be in another world.


Nai torn beach is not the most beautiful beach in Phuket. But it is quiet and you could have a chance to see the real water buffalo on the way.


6.Chalong temple.


One of the most popular temple in Phuket. There was a legend of the monk “Master Cham” for his magical cure. There are many beautiful architectures and designs in this temple.


7 Explore Phuket city.


Phuket has a long history as the name of Phuket used to be Jung Ceylon. It was the perfect stopover sheltering traders from monsoons, Jung Ceylon welcomed merchants from India, Persia, Arabia, Burma, China, and also Siam. During the 16th century, the island was  a popular trading port for tin. In 1785. All of this , you could explore in Phuket city which has a museum and old buildings.


8. Big Buddha temple.


On the top of the hill , there is the biggest white Buddha image that made from white jade from Myanmar. You could see it from the Karon view point as well. This Buddha image is huge and it is worth to visit if you have your own vehicle. It is located on the top of steep hill. So be sure that your motorbike is more than 125 CC. There are many beautiful scenaries along the way that you could stop and take picture as much as you want.


When you were there. If the sky is clear , you could see a pretty Phiphi island from this place


9. Patong beach.


First time you hear about Phuket. You must have heard about Patong beach.

Yes , Patong beach has a nice white sand. But it is super crowded. That is why it is on my No.9 , not the No.1. If you have no problem of how many people on the beach. Patong must be the place you love.


If you like the night life. You have to go to Soi(road) Bangla , which is the most popular place for clubbing in Phuket.


10. Khaokard view point.


Another nice spot to see the whole Phuket city is Khaokard view point. There are nice spots which you could see local kids jump into a water in a mangrove. I am sure they would welcome you if you want to join.

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